Friday, March 27, 2009

School Days

My K-2nd class is finishing up Butterfly Week. A parent ordered painted lady caterpillars for us and they have just emerged from their chrysalises!

This is what we did: (From the Butterfly Thematic Unit by Mary Ellen Sterling from Teacher Created Materials
  • Read The Life of a Monarch Butterfly and Where Butterflies Grow.
  • Did a journal entry/drawing about the day the first butterflies emerged.
  • Learned about the parts of a caterpillar and butterfly.
  • Reviewed life cycle.
  • Designed flowers for bulletin board and decorated them with colored chalk.
  • Made butterfly life cycle books: a sentence and drawing about each stage per page. on butterfly-shaped paper.
  • And today at the end of the day we will release our butterflies into the 'wild.'

It was simple but very fun, left lots of room for questions and exploration!


Amber <3 said...

You are so awesome. When my kids start schooling I am totally going to come to you for some arts and crafts Ideas!

Love you

Anwen said...

Yay! Hey I have some prescool teacher books i am not using...want to borrow them? I can't wait to have a little one of my own, because you can teach so much when there are only a few. I love to see kids interested inthings and help them in their discovery! When you've got a huge group (I usually had 24-27, with help of course), you are mostly trying to keep them from beating/pinching/biting each other black and blue!

Elizabeth G. said...

Sounds like some awesome learning is taking place in your classroom. I bet you are a great teacher!
Wonderful ideas!

Alexandra said...

That is one of the prettiest bulletin boards that I have seen! What a blessing for the children to see something not premade and "boxed" in loud primary colors.