Monday, December 15, 2008

My Knight

Here are a few things I love about my husband of nearly 5 years:

1. He loves the sea and the mountains.
2. He is the best shadow priest on his server. (Ok well I think so anyway!)
3. He works hard and bears much to provide for us.
4. He is an amazing lead guitarist and poet.
5. He is honest.
6. He thinks deeply.
7. He's so handsome!
8. He is very smart.
9. He listens to bands like Sigur Ros.
10. He challenges me to grow.


Auntie Barbar said...

I can tell you really love him. I wish I knew him better, so I could love him (as good aunties do)better. He seems like quite a complex and multi-layered person.

I remember when we first met when you guys visited us in Anaheim, and he arrived before everyone else, he shared himself with honesty and even (dare i say it) vulnerability, which endeared me to him. I knew you had chosen someone very special.

You think someday this creative genius would share his cool and complex heart with us?

This blog space has been helping me get to know you all better, and I just love it because you all are such fascinating people with so much inspiration to share. In general, I think, if you don't share yourself with others, they won't know all the wonderfulness you have inside you...

Anonymous said...

As the mother of your knight ... I want to say you are are the princess of our family. We are delighted that God brought you into all our lives.