Saturday, December 20, 2008

The three most powerful words after "Jesus loves me:"

I first saw the slogan on the back of a girl's shirt at a Christian concert. The lights were dim, most of the music was unbearably loud, and the room was full of 'cool' high-schoolers. Being in my later 20's, I felt a just a little out of place. Then I saw the t-shirt: Do Hard Things. As I read it I felt like someone had flipped my brain upside down and excuses were falling out all over the blue carpet. All my cherished, carefully reasoned excuses. Do hard things? Someone actually is suggesting to everyone she sees that we do hard things??!!! After a day or two, I turned my brain back over and began to return all my lovely excuses to their proper places. And other than an occasional haunting, that was the end of that.

Then this week my boss showed me a book she wanted to go through with her junior high class called Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. I was so excited. There was a book behind the phrase I had seen on that t-shirt??! That night I read about half of it, and I will just say that my evening was not the same as every other.
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Auntie Barbar said...

Wow, that's awesome. There's another group too, for teens and people in their 20's called the "Nazarites" that are committing to "radical purity" and service to God... Looks like God is raising up an army of youth to promote goodness and peace in our crazy world...