Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beauty: Day 3

"Characteristics which define beauty are wholeness, harmony, and radiance." Thomas Aquinas

Yesterday I tried to sit for 15 minutes and think about what God is doing in my life. I went into the bedroom but my mind kept wandering. I talked to God, texted my sister, and checked blogs. All in 15 minutes. At the end of the fifteen minutes I looked around me and laughed at myself. I couldn't leave my computer and cell phone in another room while I sat to think??!! This being-still-and-listening thing is going to take some practice. I am certainly not the serene, feminine woman I want to be. Not even as serene as I thought I was.

~I will... enjoy my femininity.

~Things to do: Take a fragrant bubble bath.

(Well at least the cell and computer can't take a bath with me!)

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