Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your Style Statement

I didn't read the book (Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design), but reading reviews about it made me think it would be fun to come up with my own style statement. From what I've heard, the book helps you come up with your own two-word style-statement, among other things. It may be a very silly, good, or useless book. But I liked the idea of defining your stlye. So after leaving it in the back of my mind for a month or so, I came up with Nostalgic Utilitarian. (Although some might argue I have no style!)
For me this means I like things that have meaning and a purpose. Like the little jars that make me think of a 30's kitchen. And I fill with spices to use every day. I don't like to have too many things just sitting around being decorative. I love depression-style antiques that are in good shape for everyday use! Like my sweet measuring spoons. (Thanks, Mom!

What's your style statement? Try to think of two words that best describe your style and leave your answer with a little explanation in the comments box.


Amber <3 said...

We missed you yesterday!

Elizabeth G. said...


I am a frugal romantic! Definitely! Thanks so much for sharing that and asking your readers to think about it. I never would have done that otherwise.

God bless,