Monday, February 9, 2009


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Here is a valentine for my readers (all 10 of you!)
If you are interested, I am working on making some of my organizational notebook pages available to click and print. Feel free to cut and paste them into Word on your own computer if you want to tweak them. I am also adding links to printouts that I found online.

My notebook is where I organize my home life. I use a binder with a clear front and make a new collage to slip in from time to time. Inside, the dividers are labeled:
1. Calendar (just Publisher-created monthly calendar pages with holes punched.)
2. God (Daily Lectionary, prayer requests to remember)
3. Nest (housework)
4. Meals
5. Christmas
6. Dreaming (for doodles and writing out thoughts)

Have fun!


Elizabeth G. said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by...I love the exact same things that you do! I can also see many great things on your blog that can help me. Thanks so much!

Anwen said...

Thanks! :)