Friday, February 6, 2009


I watched this video on how to make a bathmat and thought I'd share. I love to find ways to save money or do things yourself. I'm not sure how I would care for the rug, though. I guess hand wash--I sure wouldn't make a white one!

For a more old-fashioned look, you could take your old towels, cut them into strips, and make a braided bathmat. That might look more old fashioned.


Barbara said...

Yiiiiiks! That project looked labor intensive... You're right, braided, crochet, or knitted would be easier;-#

Amber <3 said...

I have been looking for a website just like this for the longest time. Thank you for finding it :)

GrammieC said...

I'm ready to go to JoAnn's right now and buy the grid stuff. Great project for while you're sitting around feeling sick! I bet it would really make a mess!