Saturday, January 10, 2009

I love these books!

And they are school-books. Shows you what kind of a geek I am!

I have been using First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind by Jessie Wise Bauer, which is a full grammar curriculum for first and second grade. (Written for a parent to teach her child but working quite well with adaptations in my small classroom.) My students enjoy the literature and activities. I haven't had to struggle to keep their attention. It's great--they don't realize they are being challenged.

And The Well Trained Mind is one of my favorites. It gives a complete plan for educating your child from birth through high-school, with lists of books and supplies you will need and directions for how to homeschool using them. After I read this book, I wanted to homeschool myself through all the things I missed in high school, and I can't wait to teach our first child using this book!!


Auntie Barbar said...

At least you know what you like! What good things to know to help you with your career, too... Those kids sure are blessed to have you for a teacher!

Bethgem said...

I've read right through TWTM at least three times. And you thought you were a nerd. It's a good idea to use the basic outline to educate yourself. I found my grown-up mind was better able to grapple with things like Euclid's geometry and the intricacies of grammar. Incidentally, deepening my knowledge of English grammar proved an immense help in learning foreign languages, since unless you're in an immersion program, the texts are written in terms of grammar.