Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beauty: Day 5- Heaven on Earth

"In the Lord's prayer, you ask that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. You can bring a reflection of the kingdom of heaven to earth in your heart and in your life by your attitude, acts of kindness and love, and willingness to worship God in beauty, simplicity, and holiness.
~ I will...try to create a little bit of heaven on earth wherever I am.

~ Things to do: Here are a few suggestions for making a little heaven on earth today:

Pamper your loved ones today. Make a special meal. Grant a longed-for wish. Cuddle and hug them. Whisper words of love in their ears. Your husband, your children, your parents--all whom you love--need to be reminded in practical ways that you care.

Wear a beautiful dress, make home a haven, and create beauty and order wherever you can. Beauty is a blessing that speaks of heaven without words.
Take a long walk in God's creation and savor the earthly beauties that remind you of God's love and creativity.

Light a candle and worship God in the beauty and silence of prayer.
(From Checklist for Life for Women)

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Cupkate said...

Very nice.
I wish I had time to love my family.

I can't reach!