Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1893 Home Economics Final

This is an excerpt from THE EASIEST WAY IN HOUSEKEEPING AND COOKING BY HELEN CAMPBELL. Can you pass the final?

1. How is soup-stock made?
2. How is white soup made?
3. What are purées?
4. How is clear soup made?
5. How is caramel made, and what are its uses?
6. How is meat jelly made and colored?
7. How is meat boiled, roasted, and broiled?
8. How can cold meat be used?
9. How is poultry roasted and broiled?
10. How are potatoes cooked?
11. How are dried leguminous vegetables cooked?
12. How is rice boiled dry?
13. How is macaroni boiled?
14. How are white and brown sauces made?
15. Give plain salad-dressing and mayonnaise.
16. How are beef tea and chicken broth made?
17. Give receipts for plain omelet and omelette soufflée.
18. How are bread, biscuit, and rolls made?
19. How is pie-crust made?
20. Rule for puff paste?
21. How should you furnish a kitchen?
22. What are the best kinds of cooking utensils?

I am afraid I have a lot to learn! To read the rest of the book go to http://www.gutenberg.org/files/15360/15360-h/15360-h.htm

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